Summer Camp Reading (SCR) is a dynamic six week summer reading program in Cincinnati for upcoming 3rd grade underachieving students. While having fun reading, doing crafts and playing games, campers dramatically improve their reading skills and gain confidence in their ability to learn. Values, positive psychology and service learning projects empower the campers. Staff includes an executive director, and at each site a director, an activities leader and two tutors who work with the children every day. Volunteers assist.

Why Reading Matters Research sponsored by the Annie E. Casey Foundation found that over 80% of low-income students are below proficient on the NAEP* reading test, and 49% are below basic level. These 6.6 million children are at risk of failing to graduate from high school on time because they will not be proficient readers. Illiteracy leads to joblessness and a greater likelihood of incarceration. Every community is affected by struggling readers.

The Solution The Foundation recommends programs that prepare children in reading before 4th grade, specifically ones that combine literacy enrichment and summer activities, like Summer Camp Reading.

Test Scores at each SCR site show significant improvement in word recognition, comprehension and reading fluency. Children initially reading at pre-primer and first grade levels have moved up two grade levels. Campers often exclaim, “I wish school could be like this!”

*National Assessment of Educational Progress

Our children want to learn to read. Let's teach them.